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Food forest since 2014

Kenza designing our Forest gardenIn 2014 we made the design for a forest garden with the help of intern Kenza, who studied landscape design in France.
Kenza measured and mapped the area, measured the Ph of the soil, sketched the sunny & shady spots and made a good map with all the useful trees & plants that were already there. Together we set up a wish list and with that we made a final forest garden design.
Kenza also wrote a detailed plant list and a calender with all the useful information like when to plant, prune & harvest.

The "only thing" we needed to do, was implement it! :-) But by the time Kenza and me were done designing, the sowing and planting season was already over.

What we did do, was marking the paths and mulch them with wood chips. We also made a nice grass circle for:

Camping in our forest garden
At the moment there is one spot for a small tent; In the future there will probably be many camping spots in the forest garden where guests can put up their tent. We sowed one spot for a small tent with grass, and around it we sowed and planted wild strawberries, herbs, edible berries and smaller trees so the guests can pick their own breakfast. (There are no cars allowed in this forest garden campsite!)

Pictures of our forest garden

Peter in the forest garden with the chainsaw, cutting out sun-taking trees2014: Mark and Kenza marking sunny & shady spots in the forest garden area
The forest garden in 2014

Measuring the Ph of the soil in the forest gardenMark cleaning the forest garden areaforest garden design

Kenza finalizing the first forest garden designdesign forest garden

food forestfood forest

The path in the forest garden in 2016
2016: the paths are mulched with wood chips

Measuring and mapping the forest garden againBen, Yoan, Emilie & Isidro measuring and mapping the forest garden area again

Planting berries in the forest garden

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