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We're growing a village

We all need belonging, to be seen, heard and valued. A life on the land where we can contribute our best. Working together in harmony with nature, to create self sufficiency and independence. For us it is the way to live a good life for future generations to come.
So we're building a lovely, lively village in the heart of Croatia where people can live in harmony with nature. A welcoming place where people and nature are respected and included.

We are growing a village because we love this life on 12 hectares of edible landscape and we want to share it.
Our aim is to live more self reliant and celebrate life in freedom and cooperation with like-minded people. People who want to live a healthy, independent life, eat from the gardens and celebrate Mother Nature.
A caring village where you can grow old, where people look after each other and everyone has a purpose and a good quality life. A community designed for current and coming generations.

The village area is like an ecosystem with people, structures and nature. There is food security and biodiversity in a smart and low maintenance system.
The village is beautiful and fairy tale-like, a joy to live in. It is built with wood and other local, natural materials. Simple but comfortable, cosy, low maintenance, regenerative, with future generations in mind.

 Dreaming a village, a hamlet in nature, a place for people to work together, making beautiful things, live life, learn and celebrate. A story to create in the world.

“The best way to predict the future is to design it” – Buckminster Fuller

Years ago we took a risk. We moved from city life in The Netherlands to country life in the heart of Croatia. Barbara closed down a webdesign studio and Peter stopped his blacksmith workshop to start hospitality in Croatia's stunningly beautiful nature. Designing an edible landscape for (camping) guests to enjoy.
Bogata Šuma transformed into natural place that is designed with permaculture ethics and principles, that is beautifully built with natural materials and that is a joy to be in.

We have setup a self sufficient life for ourselves, Barbara is developing herself as a permaculture facilitator and teacher, Peter is creating beautiful things, Nol develops as a fine cook and Fleur is an artist.

Now the time is ripe to grow a village. A caring village with like-minded people that work together to live more self reliant and celebrate life in freedom and cooperation. A community designed for the coming 7 generations, no matter what happens in the rest of the world.

>> Interested in how you can be part of this?

Growing a village for the future
Drawing by Floris Beijer - the future village at Bogata Šuma

World Wide Help to make the world a better place

From the beginning we have hosted young people from all over the world as volunteers. They came to us to learn about sustainable living, permaculture and a self sufficient lifestyle in harmony with nature, living and working together and celebrating work well done. Almost 300 people came to our top of the hill, from Nepal to Tasmania, from Japan to Canada and the America's, from many places in Europe and Croatia.

Experienced craftsmen like chefs and carpenters stayed here for a project. They sowed, planted, harvested and cooked delicious food, constructed the most beautiful buildings, a living fence around the garden, terraced garden beds on a slight hill. Hectares of land have been cleaned by hand. Slowly and carefully, not to damage the value in the rich forest.
And now, after all these years there is an edible landscape with paths winding around with lots of nice spots where people can camp and relax.

Barbara teachingAll these people with different cultural backgrounds, family backgrounds or different stages in life had one thing in common: they asked themselves how to make this world a better place.
For this kind of people we're growing a village in nature.

Growing a village

In this time more and more people realize that cooperation, hand work and creating beauty together in the countryside, brings freedom, fulfillment and joy.
We aim to have a number of families here in the next few years, to join us in this satisfying life.

We too are looking for a truly helpful, cooperative and regenerative culture, food and water safety and like minded people to share with. A village in the heart of Croatia, living sustainably in harmony with nature, with a culture of care for the earth, for each other and the future. A self sufficient community that includes and embraces, and where people ask themselves how they can contribute their best.

A village life with clear values, heart driven, caring and including.
A healthy lifestyle with home grown quality food and drinks.
Cooperating people to find small, simple and smart solutions.
The future is under our shoulders!

Building a first house for the village

We have started with building beautiful homes to rent out to interested people. You can stay for a while to get to know the place and the people. You can experience our village life and see if you fit in, while dreaming of building your ideal home, beautiful and sustainable.

We are working on paths, roads and facilities for the village. A big project will be a grey water filtering pond to secure our water supply, bring bio diversity in plants and wild life and attract paying camping guests to stay longer. So this pond gives the village safety, an opportunity to swim and it will aid more income so more can be built and developed.

The time is ripe to grow a cooperative, co-owned village

We are looking for new partners in our village. People with skills to grow towards a self sufficient life in harmony with nature. People with personal and material mastery to join us in a value driven community. Being flexible and fun, able to cooperate and create an enthusiastic atmosphere, even when things get difficult, are important traits to make a cooperative initiative thrive.

>> Interested in how you can be part of this?

Freedom in nature

Reaching out to grow a village

We are growing a village with people who care for the earth, for people and for the future. Uncomplicated people who are looking for a fun life in nature with like-minded others. Independent families with skills to combine with the other skills available here, to co-create a beautiful way of living.

We're looking for engaged, passionate people with a shared vision. Independent people with a drive and dedication to cooperate towards a thriving community. Permaculturists for instance, animal farmers, personal development trainers, gastronomer chefs, martial arts masters...
Besides engaged, passonate people with a shared vision, we need to build and re-build. Therefore we welcome master carpenters, builders and funders to join us.

Do you recognize yourself in this? Call Peter on +385 95 5088 572 or send us an e-mail with more information about you, your vision, your passions and how you think you can fit in.

Become a friend of Bogata Šuma

If you don't want to jump to conclusions yet, but you are interested and you want to be informed and updated about our village, you can become a friend of Bogata Šuma.

With your funding we have 3 aims:
1. to let architect Ana-Marija Unkovic participate in Ecovillage Design Education. A 5 week program that will provide her with more knowledge and practical skills to design our and other eco villages.
2. to build temporary and permanent housing for people to live in.
3. to build up the village, paths, facilities, a pond...

When you become a friend, you can choose your reward:

From € 25,- we will send you our village design and keep you updated about the project.

From € 50,- we will ship you a herbal medicine kit with teas, tinctures and cream. All organic and home made of course.

From € 75,- we will serve you dinner and you stay a night in our gypsy wagon at Bogata Šuma in Croatia

From € 100,- you can get 2 coaching sessions with Peter to come closer to your vision and values

From € 400,- a practical permaculture week at Bogata Šuma in Croatia, including a reader, bed, food and drinks.

For € 670,- a 10 day all-in permaculture course here at Bogata Šuma, in which you will also make a design for your future life. (Apply here)

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Pay to our bank account:
Mw B van den Berg en/of Hr P T Scheltus
NL65 INGB 0009 5671 24

And let us know by e-mail so we can contact you about your gift


€ 4.000,- for architect Ana Marija to go to a Ecovillage Design Course from the Global Ecovillages Network


€ 6.000 to build another gypsy wagon


The third target is €10.000 to build a tiny home (or 2 for 20.00)


The next target is €18.000. This money enables us to build a big and beautiful barn as a workshop to start building the rest of our beautiful village


The next target is probably* around € 6.000 to build a natural water body in the heart of the terrain
* Barbara is designing this project at the moment and will calculate the costs.



Do you recognize yourself in this text? Send us an e-mail with more information about you, your vision, your passions and how you think you can fit in.

Living a regenerative life in a food forest with festive gourmands as cooperative neighbours!

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