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Living food self sufficient requires skills involving gardening and preserving, but also calculating and planning.
In this weblog we will share our experiences, knowledge and ideas about our path to food self sufficiency.

We are on our way, step by step, finding out how it works for us. In this blog you can read all about it.

Living self sufficient for our family

We are on our way to live self sufficient but it is a goal we might never reach. Why not? Because living self sufficient is more about making choices than about making jam. It is more about taming cravings and training willpower than growing enough potatoes.

So what CAN you expect in this blog? Tips and tricks from practical realists, ideas and experiments worth mentioning, our stories that are interesting enough to be told.

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Smart strategies for self sufficiency

We like our wide variety in freshly produced vitamins all year round. Yes you do get creative when you have heaps of zucchini (courgette) in June or daily kilo’s of tomatoes in August, but after a week it’s not fun anymore.
And besides: more diversity is more nutritious. Eating a variety of foods can help prevent diseases and did you know that all different colors in food bring different nutrients?

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Color your salads all year round

Our salads are usually just beautiful, and when we have guests at the table we like to make them fantastic. And all it takes, is a bit of fun with:
– edible flowers
– fresh herbs
– colorful fruits
– nuts and seeds
– microgreens

Take responsibility for your health and spice up your salads!

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