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Volunteer experiences

"What a fantastic and inspiring oasis you have here in Croatia and thank you so much for sharing it with me!"
Sally Hine, New Zealand

"It was great that you gave us the freedom to do our 'own' project, building the terraced beds, because of having the independence to do it how we thought was best. We wish you great plants and a good harvest. Alles gute!"
Nicolas Jagenteufl, Germany

"Woaaah! Being here surrounded by your presences and your all-encompassing library has lit a fire under my dreams. This time here has been extremely formative. Know that you've been a catalyst - you're spreading the dream."
Ruby Daybranch, United States of America

"I've learned so much about so many things, not least of all myself, through exploring personal development and simply through experiencing normal life with you. It's one thing to learn or hear about sustainability and becoming more in harmony with the earth, but to actually go for it is something entirely different.
Ïan Rosenberg, United States of America

I learned much here and I hope I have taught you all a thing or two as well. One day I'll come back, also for the Bukovica festival, and you can be sure I'll be asking you too many questions again."
Colin Drake, United States of America

"I am so thankful for all that you gave me! Gracias! Collecting mushrooms has been so much fun, and making wine was so coooool."
Rosario Pacheco, Chili

"Thank you Peter for all the great adventures and all the laughs we had. Barbara I'm glad I got to see a garden as beautiful as yours and help pave the way for a forest garden."
Justin Kline, United States of America

"Learning to work the land without machines, see gardens growing while building goes on. Not only the forest is rich, your generosity, humour and simplicity I take with me. Before I lived in my Peugeot J7, now I want a farm like you."
Mathieu Tanguy, France

"Thank you for challenging a lot of the ideas I arrived here with - leaving with a different appreciation & approach to looking at these.
We have enjoyed seeing how magnificent the simple things you can grow and create. We leave with many ideas brewing for our own garden, our lives, our future."
Ryan & Elise Hoekstra, New Zealand

"Thanks to you guys I am now more than ever inspired, motivated and reasured that I can live sustainably, make myself a better person and try to make the world a better place. I had a wonderful time with the forest garden planning and cooking with you. I learned more than any school could teach me!"
Kenza Kabar, France

"A million times thank you for welcoming me into your family and beautiful home. I couldn't have askes for a better WWOOF experience. Your vision is amazing, your rich forest warmed my heart. Thank you for all the delicious meals, amazing conversations, laughter and all the ideas I am taking with me."
Carol Bergson, United States of America

"Every day spent at Bogata Suma was unique, you as a family are an inspiration to me, I wish I could be there longer."
Nadine Adelaar, Canada

"I enjoyed your hospitality, Croatia and Bosnia. Itadakimasu."
Saki Tanaka, Japan

"Great to be in the garden and identify more wild herbs, and seeing Barbara's way of doing the garden by getting a project done in an effective, relaxed and fun way."
Mark Griffin, England

"Nearly never leaving and having a dayly party because of it, the place keeps you there despite planning other things. Building a roof together & you being the most gracious and generous hosts I could wish for. You are brilliant examples of how to live well."
Hannah Hunter, Canada

"This kind of place is what the Latin Americans call 'mañana'. It's like honey in which you stand knee deep while you're trying to make the next step and leave." Because mañana is always far from the next day, you run the risk of never going anywhere else."
Andreas Jensen, Denmark

"What a beautful place this is, where ideas grow and the rabbits are tasty. I learnt a lot about gardening, plants and pruning. I will be back."
Marieke Kitzen, The Netherlands


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