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Permaculture garden pictures

Polyculture garden beds
Polyculture in our garden: we mix flowers, herbs and vegetables so they can benefit from or help each other

Colorful garden
Tool shed under the roof, bath tub for rain water catchment and an insect hotel to attract the good guys

perennials in the garden
Wild flowers are welcome in the garden!

The garden beds are mulched with grass clippings and other green "waste"; most of the paths are mulched with wood chips.


keyhole garden bed
Keyhole garden bed, compost basket in the middle, Nol happy in front. >> more about keyhole garden beds

Permaculture vegetable garden
The terraced part of the garden. This part was too steep so we made terraces to keep the nutrients in, prevent the soil from eroding and make the garden easier to access.

Permaculture garden: Colorful polyculture for diversity
The terraced garden beds

Permaculture vegetable garden
Colorful polyculture for diversity

hunting bugs in the garden
Hunting bugs (caterpilars, smellybugs, aphits) in the garden with the help of a chicken.

Construction of the greenhouse
>> more about our permaculture greenhouse

the garden garden

Permaculture vegetable garden
And the small salad garden next to the kitchen


Instagram   Facebook   YouTube   e-mail   Call +385 95 5555677  Website in Dutch language NL   Hrvatski HR

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