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Volunteering as a craftsperson

Unlike general volunteers who are welcome in spring and autumn, wood/construction/crafts people are welcome all year round. Peter would be happy with your help to construct fun stuff, like a new gypsy wagon, a solar panel-outdoor kitchen roof, a reciprocal roof, furniture, animal housing...

Reciprocal roofYou will be working together with Peter and probably also alone. At the moment he finishes the interior of a gypsy wagon. In February and March '22 the construction of a new gypsy wagon will start, and the construction of A-frame furnitured tents for guests. A floor, beds and storage space needs to be made from wood.Some time in spring there is the assembly of a small outdoor kitchen construction with attic for sleeping.
In June '22 we will host a workshop to construct a reciprocal roof in the forest.

"It was a nice process to finish the floor of the gypsy wagon.
We were happy that you gave us a lot of freedom so we learned a lot"

Mina & Tilma, Germany


You can stay in a tent or in one of the two caravans (or in a room in the house in colder months).
Of course you keep your space clean and tidy. You are a guest; we're not your mother.
There is always a possibility that you have to share your space with another volunteer.

You can use the bathroom/toilet in the house and outdoor (camping) showers in summer. Outdoors we also have two compost toilets (but only for people who are not vaccinated against corona).
Please bring environmental friendly & bio degradable soap & shampoo because everything eventually ends up in the garden.

"It was fun working on this beautiful chicken palace. Thank you Bogata Šuma for showing me your nature, your changes and giving me a good structure to build my dream in Colombia"
Wilmer Mendez, Colombia


We provide you with breakfast, lunch and dinner. During the week we usually eat healthy, organic, vegetarian meals. In the weekends we like to cook with (home grown) meat or (local) fish. Of course eating meat is optional.

Every day we collect fresh vegetables from the garden. We think it is important to eat healthy & varied from our terrain or from local producers. And since this is a continental/Mediterranean climate, we don't grow bananas, coffee and chocolate. >> More on our ideas about food

In the kitchen we have a wood stove on which we prepare meals. If you don't cook, you can make & maintain the fire, do the dishes, sweep the floor.... Many hands make light work.

The family likes to have a private dinner once or twice a week (“family-time”). On this day you can cook for yourself (or with other volunteers) with the ingredients we provide.

"The projects that you prepared were really enjoyable (so much that we couldn't interrupt our work sometimes!). Completely adapted to our skills, it was pleasant to learn by ourselves and with Peter's advices, and being autonomous"
Lou & Theo, France

Applying as a crafts-volunteer

Please send an e-mail to with some information about you, what drives you/what are your passions, what is your construction experience, how do you see your future and what attracts you in Bogata Šuma.


"Shelter is the first word that springs to mind. Shelter, where you feel warm and welcome, where another time and dimension seems to rule. I felt freedom to create."
Tom, Belgium >> more

Swimming in the river in the afternoon

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