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Digital nomad in Croatia's beautiful nature

Would you like to live a free life in nature, on 12 hectares of beautiful permaculture land, with inspiring people and fantastic food?
Have a comfortable private space with a wood stove and a balcony in a strawbale-insulated house?
Your own unlimited wifi and 3 healthy & delicious meals a day?

The room The room The room

You are welcome to live with us as a digital nomad!

At Bogata Šuma ("Rich Forest") you can rent a room, all inclusive, and be assured of silence, privacy and comfort.

You will live with a family* and with young people from all over the world who stay here as a volunteer on our permaculture farm or for natural building projects.

* Peter (1959, personal coach, trainer, former blacksmith), Barbara (1973, permaculturist, webdesigner), Nol (2004, future cook/chef) and Fleur (2010, future artist)

Rent a digital nomad's room

Costs: € 460,- all in per week or € 1800,- per month.

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The roomThe room


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The house in winterbees

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>> Article about digital nomads visum in Croatia from 2021

Please contact us if you're interested.
Call Barbara: +385 95 5555 677 or Peter: +385 95 5088 572
Or email

Instagram   Facebook   YouTube   e-mail   Call +385 95 5555677  Website in Dutch language NL   Hrvatski HR

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