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Eco can be a difficult term. Some people think it is about limitations and limit themselves to the extent health becomes a victim of this virtuous life. Some think of it as a spiritual path. Others use the lable to hide dirt. We are somewhere in the middle and learning. Being in the middle to us is also being in the now. As much as we humanely can.

Laws keep us sometimes in the middle where we would want to move towards our (eco) dreams. Permits are depending on legal constraints that involve being connected to the grid. Not connecting means no permit. Therefore no sustainability. As we want our initiative to flourish we have to abide by present and local laws. Until the law changes we connect to the grid.

About our kitchen & eco: we like eating what nature provides. Our dishes are inspired by international cooks & cookbooks. Certainly also domestic cooking. Fresh from forest or garden, mushrooms, flowers and all the kinds of food directly from the ground. Also (wild or home grown) animals can appear on the menu. To us eco is what fits the natural cycle. Never too much. Always creative. Sometimes simple. Sometimes sumptuous. We enjoy our cooking.

We cook on wood from our forest. A renewable source and one less consumption of fossil fuels.

Our garden is producing delicious vegetables, fruits and herbs. What we don't have we buy. We buy as much as possible things that are ecological, biodegradable, compostable and local.

About eco and terrain maintenance: with 8 hectares in the beginning we fell to machine addiction. Presently we try to see how simple we can clean a piece of terrain. We prefer to work without machines. They are noisy, smelly, they need fossile fuel and break down. The service and fuel supply adds unacceptable burden on our kilometer account. Sometimes a start can't be made without. We are searching for the best ways. And learning along the road.

Eco and building; We are learning along the way what it means to build along building codes. To have our eco extreme wish come true we would not use electricity, only water from the source etc. But when you develop any hospitality business you meet legal constraints. That is present day reality. We hope to come so far we can live as much as possible on local generated energy, water etc. That is one of our challenges.

Eco and our place in the universe; We are on the pearl earth. The miracle of us being in the right place; that's eco to us. Let's enjoy earth, together with all beings.


"Thanks to you guys I am now more than ever inspired, motivated and reasured that I can live sustainably, make myself a better person and try to make the world a better place. I had a wonderful time with the forest garden planning and cooking with you. I learned more than any school could teach me!"
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