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Construction work

Greenhouse in the permaculture garden House and goat stable Glasshouse with recycled windows from the school Compost toilet in the forest Compost toilet in the forest Summer kitchen Strawbales insulation Rabbit palace

Greenhouse - goat stable - glasshouse - compost toilet - summer kitchen - strawbales insulation - rabbit palace


The main house

TerraceOur terrain had a "ruin": a house that was abandoned during the Yugoslavian war. We used mostly natural and local materials to rebuild it, like strawbales from a farmer in Zivkovic Kosa, kaolin clay from the mine in the forest, sand from our land, and tree trunks from our forest.

We packed the stone house in strawbales for insulation. On top we constructed an extra wooden attick (wood, second hand bricks, and wool as isolation) as a 1,5 floor penthouse for the family.
An important part of the house is the big balcony on top. The balcony (about 25 square meters) is as an extra room.

The house has a lot of glass on the south-east side.
The roof has an overhang so the sun does come into the house in winter, but stays out in summer.

We re-used materials like (beautifull) old bricks, the oak wood from an old house and used round tiles on the roof.
The glasshouse is entirely built with old windows from the local school!


Constructing a rabbit palace with local natural materials


Instagram   Facebook   YouTube   e-mail   Call +385 95 5555677  Website in Dutch language NL   Hrvatski HR

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