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Help wanted with natural playground design

This summer we will be working on the natural playground again. We have some great ideas for it, but we would like to receive your ideas! We need your help.

We will construct the playground with natural materials like wood, rope, sand, clay, water and plants so we can easily fix it when something is broken, and you can enjoy the fun of nature.

Please draw/paint/clay/scale model/describe your favorite playground item and send it to us. You will get a little present for your effort, and we will pick the best idea(s) to realise.

Send it to nol@scheltus.nl or
Nol Scheltus
Živkovic Kosa 11
47220 Vojnic

Ontwerp een speeltuin

You can also come and help with the construction. In August we'll bee busy constructing a playground for children from 1 to 120 years old.
You and your parents can help in the morning, because in the afternoon we will go swimming or visiting a castle.

Playground design

Playground design Toni

Playground design Tea

Playground design Tomislav

Playground design Sara and Ivan

Playground design Valentina

Instagram   Facebook   YouTube   e-mail info@bogatasuma.eu   Call +385 95 5555677  Website in Dutch language NL   Hrvatski HR

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