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You're welcome at our table!

We love cooking rich, colorful, vegetarian and organic meals with ingredients from our terrain.

We cook 2 or 3 course dinners, Croatian style, sometimes on an open fire with a "peka" or in a hanging kettle. Or indoors on our wood stove. Roasted garlic soup with home grown elephants garlic, small round corn bread to the side, a spinach pie with five kinds of spinach that we grow, mushroom risotto with wild thyme from the field...

"This magical place, the 5 stars cooking"
Jurriaan, The Netherlands

All vegetables come from the garden, fruits and nuts from the orchards, mushrooms from our forest, potatoes from the garden or we buy them local.
Milk comes from Milka's cow (down the street), yoghurt we make ourselves with her milk. Cheese and cream we buy from an old lady on the local market.

Do you want to join us for dinner, for € 20,- all inclusive per person? (€ 12.50 for kids) Let us know! Call Barbara on +385 95 5088572 or Peter: +385 95 5555677.

Food from the garden


"What a fantastic and inspiring oasis you have here in Croatia and thank you so much for sharing it with me!" - Sally Hine, New Zealand


Instagram   Facebook   YouTube   e-mail info@bogatasuma.eu   Call +385 95 5555677  Website in Dutch language NL   Hrvatski HR

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