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Natural playground

The kids playhouse animationNol and his friends gave us a lot of nice ideas for a natural playground (adventurous landscape or "playscape"). >> See the kid's designs

We started with making a playhouse: acacia poles dug deep in the ground, a first floor on 2 meters and a pointy roof. The roof is thatched with reed from our little piece of land at the Radonja river.

We have some big (1,5 meter wide) sewer pipes to climb through and we will dig them in the ground and make a (hobbit-) hill.

We will construct the playground with natural materials like wood, rope, sand, clay, water and plants so we can easily fix it when something is broken, and you can enjoy the fun of nature.

In our playground kids are allowed to make a mess or start a fire, to climb trees or dig holes, eat all the (wild) strawberries or blackberries, pick apples from the trees...


working on the playhouse

working on the natural playground


Follow our playground-inspiration board on Pinterest.

Instagram   Facebook   YouTube   e-mail   Call +385 95 5555677  Website in Dutch language NL   Hrvatski HR

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