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You're welcome!

You are welcome on our open farm day or on a course or workshop, as a guest at our table, on our rural camping, or as a volunteer in our projects.
You can also live with us as a digital nomad or as an artist in residence.

Campfires allowedCamping

You are welcome on camp on our small family camp site. On 8 hectares of grassland, woodland, orchard and (edible) forest garden we made a few nice spots to camp in privacy. You can camp in sun or shade, on a site with or without electricity, or choose your own spot.
>> More about camping at Bogata Suma


Volunteerwork in natureVolunteers are welcome for a month or longer. At Bogata Suma you can learn about permaculture and a self sufficient life in nature. You can help with the garden, the forest garden, the food savannah or in the orchard, with the animals or with (light) construction work. We work with natural materials (wood, clay, straw) and with hand tools as much as possible.
>> Read more about being a volunteer

Day visitors

It is possible to visit us for a day and see what we are doing in our garden, on our terrain and how we get closer and closer to a self sufficient life. But please take note that we are quite busy, so we prefer it when you come to one of our bi-annual Open Farm Days.

Day visitors pay € 5,- a person for being shown around and a cup of (organic) tea with a cookie.

You can also have a nice and organic lunch or dinner with us. We use fruits, vegetables, eggs, mushrooms and meat from our land or from the neighbours/near surroundings.
>> Have lunch or dinner with us

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Instagram   Facebook   YouTube   e-mail info@bogatasuma.eu   Call +385 95 5555677  Website in Dutch language NL   Hrvatski HR

Visit us

 on our campsite for a holiday in nature

 for a course or workshop

 for a great organic lunch or dinner


Stay with us

 for a few weeks as a volunteer

 forever in our village


Learn with us

 permaculture, social permaculture and Cultural Emergence

 sustainable living and self sufficiency

 about living your life differently